Our Services


Doctor (Monthly Once doctor consulting)

Doctor at our home service is available for any emergency situation, follow-up and routine visit at home. They offer a comprehensive range of services, from routine checkups and on-going preventive care to diagnostic testing and treating serious illnesses.

Doctor Consulting

Nursing Care

Nursing Care (24*7)

We are actively committed towards offering Nursing Care Service. This service is rendered in a well-organized manner to maintain efficient & effective results. Our highly trained professionals have vast experience in this domain and provide this service as per the needs.

Attender (Male/Female)

All our attendants specialize in patient care and are certified caregivers. We are obsessive about training and selecting our caregivers, and provide sufficient on-the-job training wherever we find it lacking.


Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Our therapy services helping by teaching the effective management of negative effects of stressful events that can occur in life. offering treatment in place of medication that helps with chronic pain associated with aging or from disabilities.

Room Services

Provide senior citizens with personalized room services according to their requirements. You can also offer medical services for their safety.

Washing / Cleaning Services

Washing / Cleaning Services

Washing / Cleaning Services

Although there are wide varieties in the services available, the main objective of any senior cleaning service is to ensure they are living in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Below are several characteristics that many senior cleaning services have in common and that may help bring peace of mind with regards to the decision to seek help.

Bathing Service

we offer assistance with bathing and dressing services for seniors. This program helps seniors who are not able to safely bathe and dress themselves, but want to remain living independently.


  • Food - Veg Only
  • Morning(8:30-9:00 am) - Tiffen (Eg. Idly,Thosa,Pongal)
  • Afternoon(12:30-1:00 pm) - Meals only (Eg. Rice / Variety rice)
  • Night - Tiffen(7:00-7:30 pm) (Eg. Chappathi, Ravai, Idly)

Tea / Coffee

Tea / Coffee

  • Morning - 7:00 am - (Tea / Coffee)
  • Evening - 4:00 pm - (Tea / Coffee / Milk)